What Is A Sistership?



You must have heard of sister concerns and sister firms but do you know what is a sistership in marine terminology?

Well we know that ship is considered as a female gender, but what about the sistership thing as such relationships are more heard in terms of human beings being correlated in specific ways.

The concept of sister ship is very commonly used in the marine world. Many famous ships in history have had a sistership. But let us begin with how to define one such ship.

In the simplest of terms, a ship that is identical to another ship in design is called a sistership. The super structure, hull and layout are more or less the same.

Both the ships being very similar to each other are called sister ships. The concept of sister ships is more common in war ships than in any other type of ships.

Half Sisters

There is also a concept of half sisters in ships. These ships are of same class but have certain basic differences.

Legally, in terms of marine law terminology, the sisterships term is also associated with two identical ships that belong to the same owner. The law also states that arresting any one of the sister ships is the same as arresting the other. In case of accidents or claims arresting any one of the sister ship is fine as they belong to the same owner.

A regulation was passed in 1981 by the English High Court. This regulation clearly stated that the offending ship and its sistership is the same when it comes to the beneficial ownership part.

The law clearly states that the high court of any country has the jurisdiction to arrest the sister ship for securing any maritime claim. This law has made it possible to reduce the complications of many maritime claims. The ownership of the sister ships must be the same. This is determined by the shares that are owned by an individual in the ship. Unless the ownership is same the ships cannot be considered as sister ships.

The concept of sister ships is very common in the marine world. Especially in the international trade, this concept also helps to control the operation of the ships. Most of the famous ships in history and even today have a sistership. The famous Titanic had a sister ship named Britannic.

We hope you have got a clear idea of what is a sister ship by now. We hope this will help you to clarify all your doubts regarding the topic.

Image Courtesy: Daily Mail UK

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