Kaz 2-Ghost Ship

Kaz II: Mystery of Mary Celeste Repeated

The Prelude As if the ocean in itself is not mysterious enough, there are incidents which bring an eerie feeling for the huge water bodies. It is not often that a ship floating properly on the surface of the water is found totally isolated as [...]

What Is A Sistership?

You must have heard of sister concerns and sister firms but do you know what is a sistership in marine terminology? Well we know that ship is considered as a female gender, but what about the sistership thing as such relationships are more [...]
Ship Keel

What Is The Ship Keel?

In today’s post about “what is a ship keel”, we are going to talk about the important aspect of naval architecture and ship design, namely the ship’s keel. The structural ship keel is the beam around which the hull of [...]

Marine Auxiliary Systems

Introduction to Marine Auxiliary Systems We have been talking about various aspects of ships including main engines or the propulsion plant. In this section we will learn about marine auxiliary systems. As the name itself suggests, auxiliary [...]
Perfect Circle Piston Rings

Perfect Circle Piston Rings

Perfect circle piston rings play a much bigger role than just being perfectly shaped and circular in an engine. The shape strength, wear and gap between the edges are all aspects that must be considered when installing new rings in to any engine. [...]

Maritime Law Information

This section deals with maritime law information and the various facets of marine regulations as applicable to ships, shipping companies and so on. We know that regulations are necessary for any activity if control and welfare of the personnel [...]

What Is IMO Number Of A Ship?

We all have heard of car registration numbers. However, very few of us know that ships have a registration number too. We will now discuss about the same. The concept of a ship’s registration number is very different from a car’s number. [...]
Turbocharger Maintenance

Turbocharger Construction & Maintenance

The air required by the engine for combustion purposes is supplied by one or more turbochargers, which are located above the exhaust collection line. To prevent foreign particles from the turbochargers, protection grids are provided in the exhaust [...]

Four Stroke Cycles: Otto, Brayton, Atkinson

We learnt about the basics of heat engines in our previous post. Going further let us learn about the different types of underlying principles on which these engines are based. Firstly let us look at the four stroke cycle or the Otto cycle. Click [...]

Essential Engine Operating Directives

These directions are based on the assumption that engine works fine and has no maintenance problems and it is getting started after a long gap or a major overhaul so just follow these steps.. > Preliminaries before starting up the engine [...]