Ship Keel

What Is The Ship Keel?

In today’s post about “what is a ship keel”, we are going to talk about the important aspect of naval architecture and ship design, namely the ship’s keel. The structural ship keel is the beam around which the hull of [...]
Egypt on High Alert ahead of Suez Canal Inauguration

Egypt On High Alert Ahead Of Suez Canal Inauguration

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New Container Terminal in Vancouver

New Container Terminal in Vancouver

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Yachts: Luxurious Sailing Boats

 The word yacht is not something new to read. The yacht world has always been associated with luxury, style and romance. The credit for romanticizing the vessel not only goes to novels and movies but also to the vessel itself. There is something [...]
Dry Dock

What Is A Dry Dock?

Maintenance of the ships and boats irrespective of their size at regular intervals is of utmost importance for reasons of safety and prolonging the life of the vessel. The maintenance activity is not only limited to the interiors and the machinery [...]
How To Become Naval Architect

How To Become A Naval Architect?

We will in this article discuss how to become a Naval Architect. This is a profession that is coming up big-time all across the world. If you are planning to make a career as a Naval Architect then this article will be of great use to you.   Where [...]
Ship Building Process

Ship Building Process Explained

Marine engineers, navigating officers and other staff working on ships are mostly concerned about day to day operations and even though they are very familiar with their jobs, yet there is an aspect of ship life which does not involve the onboard [...]

Ship Building

Ship and boat building began hundreds of years ago. It was prompted by the requirement of people to move across water bodies in search of resources. Initially ships and boats were built using wood. This restricted their size and strength; never [...]

Ship Building Tools

Ship building has seen many advances since the days of the wooden vessels of the Vikings, which required craftsmen with the best skills and ship building tools to build a vessel that would be able to sail. Today their technology has almost vanished, [...]

Meaning Of Bulkhead On A Ship

The term means partitioning, and walls used to divide a given area are referred to as bulk head. To make it easier for a common man to understand bulk heads are like the walls that divide your house to create different rooms. On ships these [...]