The Wild Beauty of Oceans

When the ocean roars, when it goes wild Even the strongest are afraid like a child When the waves rise like a China wall It makes even the biggest of liners stall Life at sea just makes you wise & realize Takes away all [...]

Teenage Tales of Sea Days

मुझसे मिलना है तो मेरी बातों से मिलो जो हैं तनहा उदास उन रातों से मिलो शब्द कहते हैं बहुत कुछ [...]
life at sea

Life of a Seaman: Memories of a Mariner

In my heart am still a seaman drinking the beatific potion A bit of my own self is still somewhere in the deep ocean I still remember the titanic waves that rocked the ship How can one forget those memories of offshore trip People [...]

INSV Tarini

The all women expedition made waves across the globe when Navy women sailed the entire globe in this small boat but do you really know the features of the boat INSV Tarini Specs INSV Tarini is the second ocean going sailboat that was built for [...]

Wife of a Sailor: Life of a Sailor

In this article we are going to talk about how difficult is the personal life of a sailor. The sailor lives a very adventurous life. He has to fight the high waves and many sea creatures. He spends a lot of time in the sea. His life is at the [...]

Navy Women: Can Women Be In The Merchant Navy?

As the President of India gave awards to several first women including Capt Radhika Menon, we reflect upon the post written at our portal about 6 years ago and how it is still relevant in current year. So let us take a look back at what was [...]

Marine Knowledge Remembers Sailors of M.T. Sanchi (6 January 2018)

Marine accidents do not occur as frequently as road accidents but when they do, it is not easy to contain them or save lives due to factors like deep oceans and long distances involved. One such unfortunate incident occurred recently on Jan [...]

What Is IMO Number Of A Ship?

We all have heard of car registration numbers. However, very few of us know that ships have a registration number too. We will now discuss about the same. The concept of a ship’s registration number is very different from a car’s number. [...]

Perks of Opting to Use Shipping Containers as Guest Rooms

A guest room serves not only to give comfort & privacy to both the homeowner and the guest. While it is typical to have a spare room  at one’s home for this purpose, not everyone is graced with such a luxury of having an extra room. Home [...]
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