Limitations of Ship Radar: Part I

We have already taken a look at the shipborne radar in detail in some of our other postings. Though the radar is an extremely useful instrument to have on board ships and has made life really easy, there are some limitations of a radar set too. [...]

Atmosphere & Oceans: Some Basic Facts – Part I

We will learn some basic facts about atmosphere and the oceans in this post. We all know that a sailor has a special relationship to sea and this is not only philosophical but a purely practical everyday affair. Hence it is vital than a navigating [...]

How Shipborne Marine Radar Works?

We are publishing a series on marine radar for the benefit of our viewers on huge public demand especially from our navigating side viewers. This does contain sections of work taken from various published sources with due permission. Here is [...]

Navigation Officer’s Guide to Weather

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Marine Radar

Efficiency Of A Radar Set

As per Performance Standards for Navigational Radar (IMO), the set must have means of ascertaining the level of its overall performance. It is understood that such means shall be available to the radar observer at all times and not rely on the [...]

What Makes A Cruise Ship Float?

Have you ever wondered as to what makes a cruise ship float on the surface of sea water? It is a great pleasure to sail in a huge ship in the midst of oceans. People who work on ships such as navigating officers, marine engineers, know the reason [...]

Stick Charts For Navigation

Marshall Islands Stick Charts, Micronesian Stick Charts, or Polynesian Stick Charts for navigation have been used since ages. They are one of the most ingenious navigational tools devised by man. It was a mapping tool used by early sea farers [...]
Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic Facts & Figures

Man has been travelling by sea for a long time. It was the first mode of transport that could take man from one part of the world to another. Since man started to fly the use of sea transport has reduced mainly because flights are faster than [...]
Nautical Shipping Charts

What Are Nautical Charts?

The concept of nautical charts is very closely associated with astronomy. Nautical charts or shipping charts as they are sometimes called are basically navigation charts that are used by the mariners at sea. Nautical charts are a graphic representation [...]
Ship Speed Measurement

Ship Speed Measurement Techniques

It is not difficult to understand why we are studying speed measuring devices and techniques in terms of ships and marine vessels. The importance of speed measurement comes from the fact that man has probably been obsessed with the concept of [...]