Perfect Circle Piston Rings

Perfect Circle Piston Rings

Perfect circle piston rings play a much bigger role than just being perfectly shaped and circular in an engine. The shape strength, wear and gap between the edges are all aspects that must be considered when installing new rings in to any engine. [...]
Hidden Costs Boat

The Hidden Costs of Owning a Boat

“A boat is a hole in the water you pour money into.” “The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day he buys the boat, and the day he sells the boat.” These two common sayings reflect the truth about owning boats with good [...]
Electric Boat Engines

Electric Boat Engines Are Amazing

When you’re going out on your boat and setting off for a day on the water, there is really nothing better than not having to fiddle around with a petrol motor and to bother with the noise and possible hassle. The electric outboard motor is [...]
Boat Diesel Engine

Troubleshooting Your Marine Diesel Engine

Marine diesel engines are pretty reliable machines, at least for most of the time. If you feed them with clean diesel oil and lots of air, change the fuel filters regularly, use adequate lubricant, and carry out regular maintenance, they will [...]
PowerBoat Racing

Powerboat Racing Facts

One of the latest adventure sports that are becoming popular all over the globe is the powerboat racing. These races are held among specially designed powerboats that can move really fast on water. They are use for point to point racing only [...]
Inboard Boat Engine

What Is An inboard Engine?

We in this article will discuss the very vital concept of what is an inboard engine. We hope t hat this article will help you to understand the concept better. Inboard engine is used for propulsion in the marine world. However, the concept of [...]

What Is An Outboard Boat Engine?

We often keep talking about big ocean liners and ships given the main theme of the website is based around that. Today we will be talking about outboard boat engines, which are commonly found in smaller boats but not on ships. What is an Outboard [...]
Boat Buying Tips

Generic Boat Buying Tips

It is a dream for many of us to buy a boat. We have often heard people saying that I want to buy a boat, even if I miss out on buying the new car in the market. We will now discuss the various boat buying tips that one can follow while buying [...]
How Does A Submarine Work

How Does A Submarine Work?

Submarine means something that can go deep into the water even to a level where good divers cannot dream of going. We will now discuss all about submarines and how does a submarine work? Submarines are huge vessels that can go deep into the [...]
double hull tanker

Bulkhead Entryway

Bulkhead entryways resemble doorways one would have in their home only bulkhead are found on-board marine vessel and vary in size and materials used as well as the fact that most are installed with water tight seals that can seal off sections [...]