What Is A Sistership?

You must have heard of sister concerns and sister firms but do you know what is a sistership in marine terminology? Well we know that ship is considered as a female gender, but what about the sistership thing as such relationships are more [...]

Livestock Carrier Ships: An Overview

The importance of livestock carrier ships cannot be overestimated in high seas trade. The sea has not only been used by man to travel over vast distances, ingenuity has been used to transport various kinds of goods and commodities. Transportation [...]

Types Of Cargoes Transported In Ships

Ships carry most of the cargoes around the world. It is the pillar on which the world trade depends on. Have you ever wondered, what are the goods that the ships generally carry from one country to another? We will discuss the types of cargoes [...]

What’s in a Name:Ship Names and Conventions?

What’s in a Name: Ship Names and Conventions? Shakespeare’s famous remark “What’s in name” doesn’t comply with humans and so doesn’t with ships. They have to be named and recognized because without the names, they shall make the [...]

Roll on-Roll off Ships(Types of Ships)

Types of Ships: Roll on/Roll off Ships 75% of land is covered with water; hence it must be put to optimum use for transporting various goods from one place to another. There are various other means of transport like cars, trucks; etc which are [...]

Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship

Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship Cargoes are goods transported on different carriers/vehicles/means of transport from one place to another for economic reasons. Generally cargo is used for goods transported through air or water. There are [...]