VGP 2013

VGP II – Changes In 2013

VGP or Vessel General Permit refers to the set of regulations which the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency issued in 2008 and are expiring in December 2013, and will be replaced by the next version of VGP. Scope of Application The VGP [...]
Ocean Upwelling System

Interesting Marine Technology: Ocean Upwelling System

With the advancements in science, even the marine technology has seen a lot of improvements. We will now discuss the ocean unwilling system in detail. This is one of the latest new technologies that are used in the marine world. We all know [...]
pollution in the oceans

Pollution In The Oceans

Pollution is one of the most important topics that we are discussing in all international forums all across the globe. The harm that man has done to the planet is perhaps irreversible. The pollution is presence of any non-bio degradable substance [...]
Poisoning Our Oceans

Shipping Vessels are Poisoning Our Oceans

Several factors occurring around the oceans of the worlds have the global community worried. Garbage disposal, over fishing, over pollution are all poisoning our oceans and killing reefs and fish just to mention a few of the concerns. Oil tankers, [...]
Man Pumps Gas in Wrong Hole in Boat

Man Pumps Gas in Wrong Hole in Boat

It is quite common to hear that a man pumps gas in wrong hole in boat, car or trucks, inexperience is the main cause of these incidents that could be life threatening if not detected in time. Boats carry higher risk since substantial quantities [...]
Ethanol Marine Engines

Ethanol Marine Engines

Ethanol marine engines are somewhat of a new version of engines created to replace conventional engines that run of gasoline or petrol as many people would call it. The ethanol marine engine resembles the gasoline engine and a normal petrol [...]
marine pollution

Marine Pollution

No doubt our mother nature provided us with all what we needed. It is very sad to know that the same nature is being destroyed by us. Mother always wants to see her child happy, but it is very sad that the same child exploits her. Nowadays the [...]

Organic Micro Pollutants In Marine And Increased Plastic Litter

Gradual accumulation of organic micro pollutants in the oceans has been posing threat to the marine ecological system. The rising levels of organic micro pollutants in the oceans are attributed to the excessive use of plastics; plastics being [...]

Oceans pollution reaches alarming levels: Time to Bring “Blue movement”?

The beauty and mystery of oceans are as unfathomable as its depth. But marine pollution is a critical issue in the modern world, destroying the health and vitality of vast oceans. It is estimated that over 80% of all aquatic pollution comes [...]

Maritime Pollution

We will be studying about maritime pollution in this section. It has been a common observation that the advancement of technology has usually brought about degradation in environment. This observation not only applies to industrial developments [...]