Ranking of Flag States

Ships are the lifeline of sailors and it is vital to ensure that ships adhere to the specified safety norms and other classification standards so that both the crew and cargo being transported on them are having minimal risk. In this post we [...]

Applied Research International

ARI stands for Applied Research Institute. It is a New Delhi based marine training institute. If you are looking at a career in marine engineering then you will definitely find this article interesting. ARI is one of the best institutes in India [...]
Naval Academy Ezhimala

Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala

In this article we will discuss the details about Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala. It is considered to be one of the best institutes in India when it comes to The Indian Navy. It is located in Kannur district in Kerala. The Indian Naval Academy [...]
Seaman Book

Seaman Book: What Is A Marine CDC?

Today we are going to touch upon a very simple topic which is quite confusing for beginners, namely that of a seaman book or a marine CDC. Do you know what is a CDC and why is it required in marine jobs? What Is the Seaman Book? A seaman book [...]
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers

Apart from marine engineers and navigating officers, which are the relatively better known marine jobs, there are also people working on the ground such as shipbrokers. We will discuss the job role of shipbrokers in some other article, but [...]

Personal Survival Techniques

There are many courses that a mariner must take. We are now going to discuss one such course that is considered of utmost importance for a sea farer. Personal Survival Techniques (PST) is a course under STCW (The International Convention on [...]
What Are Seafarers

What Are Seafarers?

Many people ask what are seafarers, yet the answer is simple but complicated for the common person who has no experience of marine knowledge and terminologies. A seafarer is a sailor or crew member on board any marine vessel that sails over [...]
coast guard sea pay

Coast Guard Sea Pay

As on any other government services coast guard sea pay scales depend on rank, experience and station posting with individuals involved in more hazardous jobs and those with more experience and selected categories getting more pay scales than [...]

Join The Coast Guard

Each nation has different rules of how to join the coast guard. With most having it as a voluntary option some have it as a compulsory part that each citizen has to serve for a certain duration for their nations military services. The choice [...]

Ship Master

Also known as a captain or master the ship master has ultimate power and is responsible for the taking all decisions on board the vessel under his control. It is a well known fact that to be able to organize and get work done properly and efficiently [...]