Connecting Rod Bearing

Connecting Rod Bearing Construction

The lower and the upper connecting rod bearing are separated from the connecting rod. They are bolted on to it with tension bolts. The top flange of the connecting rod carries the two upper connecting rod bearing-halves. (Also known as crosshead [...]

Four Stroke Cycles: Otto, Brayton, Atkinson

We learnt about the basics of heat engines in our previous post. Going further let us learn about the different types of underlying principles on which these engines are based. Firstly let us look at the four stroke cycle or the Otto cycle. Click [...]

Essential Engine Operating Directives

These directions are based on the assumption that engine works fine and has no maintenance problems and it is getting started after a long gap or a major overhaul so just follow these steps.. > Preliminaries before starting up the engine [...]

Engine Cycle Analysis

IC engines or internal combustion engines work on a thermodynamic cycle and it is utmost important for a marine engineer or any other mechanical engineer for that matter, to understand the basics of working of such a cycle. Let us learn about [...]

Wankel & Stirling Engine Basics

We learn about the 4 stroke Wankel & Stirling Engine Basics in our previous post. Today we will continue our study with engines with the study of the basics of Wankel and Stirling Engines. The Wankel Engine is named after its inventor Dr [...]

The Basics Of Heat Engines

Marine Engineers mainly work on heat engines and internal combustion engines are one of the most important types of heat engines. We are starting a series on IC or Internal Combustion engines which we will continue over time but let us start [...]
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Two Stroke Diesel Engine Mechanism

Let us discuss about a two stroke diesel engine with exhaust gas driven turbocharging and loop scavenge system under two conditions, namely running on increased load and running on part load one by one. Running on increased load First stroke:  [...]
Engine Description

Description Of Wartsila-Sulzer Engine

We will try to explain about the maintenance of the Wartsila Sulzer engine as an example about main engine maintenance on ships. The RND-M engine is a single acting, reversible two-stroke marine diesel engine for direct propeller drive with [...]
Ship Pipelines

Importance Of Ship Pipelines

Playing a major role in the supply and distribution of liquids and gases to different parts to any vessel, ship pipelines and pumps play a major role in operation of vessels. Due to the large number of ship pipelines, depending on the type of [...]

Sulzer Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are widely used in ships. Well if you have ever seen a ship engine you will know how huge it actually is. It is not only huge but also very complex. There are very few companies in the world who specialise in making a ship engine. [...]