Mega Canal, Mega Mistake

Mega Canal, Mega Mistake

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Oil Exploration Ships

Oil Exploration And Ships

Oil is one of the most precious resources that are known to man. Thousands of dollars are spent a year in oil exploration. Any country that has a good reserve of oil is considered to be the richest country. This is exactly why the oil is also [...]
Offshore Drilling Platforms

How Does An Oil Platform Stand In The Sea?

It is common to see offshore drilling and oil platforms in the sea. Have you ever wondered how does an oil platform stand in the sea? Well we are exactly going to explain the same in this article. It is very common today to set an oil platform [...]

What Are Autonomous Underwater Vehicles?

Do you know the purpose of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) or unmanned underwater vehicles and how they are different from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Let us find out in this post. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) The name AUV [...]
Deep ocean engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Almost seventy percent of earth is water we all are aware of that. A major part of this water is oceans that are thousand feet deep. There is a different world that exists in these oceans. These are interesting to know and explore. Apart from [...]

Oil Tanker Familiarization

There are many courses that are associated with marine engineering. One such subject is oil tanker familiarization. It is a mandatory part of STCW 95. The significance of the subject is very high that is exactly why oil tanker familiarization [...]
Ocean Engineering Waves

Ocean Engineering Waves

In ocean engineering waves play an intricate part of the study since May engineering solutions must work around wave strength and stresses that waves place on vessels in the open sea. Since waves play an intricate part of the profession they [...]
Marine Pump Parts

Marine Pump Parts

On board marine vessels there are many different pumps, and having uniform marine pump parts helps maintenance efforts on board sailing vessels since there are fewer parts carried on board the vessel. Since marine pumps range in different [...]
marine port engineer

Port Engineer Marine

A typical port engineer marine division will report to the marine operations manager, he has many responsibilities that can be places under his supervision and in most cases the job comes with huge responsibilities and demands that require successful [...]
Viking Marine Hardware

Viking Marine Hardware

Viking marine hardware is usually confused by many for the Viking sailors that dominated the open seas some centuries back but to the experience sailor Viking marine hardware word automatically ring a bell, realizing that the is a famous marine [...]