Ryou-Un Maru: Mystery of MV Joyita

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Captain and Crewman Die

Captain and Crewman Die In Marine Accident

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Health and Safety In The Workshop

The below mentioned are general health and safety tips for the workshop and although we are talking in the marine context, these are applicable in general in the industry. Industrial Safety Many accidents occur in workshops which may range from [...]

Crankcase Explosion On Ships

The very mention of the world crankcase explosion, specifically in context of the huge marine propulsion engines, brings to our minds a scenario which is not much different from the scenario associated with 9/11 and there is a reason for that. [...]
Ship Grounding

What Is Ship Grounding?

The history of marine accidents is quite old. But we will talk about latest incident which happened on April 14th, 2010, the master and other crew members of a Chinese cargo ship were arrested after the ship grounded on the Great Barrier Reef. [...]
Flooding of Emma Maersk

Flooding Of Emma Maersk

On 25th February 2013 the container ship Emma Maersk arrived at the port of Palermo. It was completely disabled at the time of arrival. This is because the engine room of the Emma Maersk was completely flooded. The situation was so bad that [...]

Maritime Accidents: Is Complacency A Culprit?

Safety on the ship has always been a very important area of concern for the shipping companies. The statistical data prove that a lot of maritime accidents happen due to human error. We will now in this article discuss the role of complacency [...]
Worst Marine Disaster

Greatest Marine Disaster

Marine disaster or catastrophe as the name itself suggests is a situation when a ship is lost in the sea as a result there is a complete loss of the ship and the also a huge loss of life. We will now discuss about the greatest marine disaster [...]

Maritime Accidents Investigation

Maritime Accidents have been bothering the sea farers and shipping companies for years now. Safety has always been a big concern for the shipping industry as such. We are now going to discuss about Maritime accidents investigation and the importance [...]

Piper Alpha Oil Rig Disaster

It was in the year 1988 the month was July and the fatal day was the sixth. The very famous Piper alpha oil rig constructed by McDermott met with a bad explosion. In which about one hundred and sixty seven crewmen died.  Therefore the Piper [...]