Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

The weather condition of the earth is changing fast. There are lot of green house effect that is increasing the temperature of earth every day. This also leads to the melting of the ice poles. We are facing a lot of concerns. The first step [...]
Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures

Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures

Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures is a very important part of a ships emergency literature. It is available at all areas of the ship from the deck to the engine room, it is there everywhere. This is to ensure that all the crew members in the [...]
Deep ocean engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Almost seventy percent of earth is water we all are aware of that. A major part of this water is oceans that are thousand feet deep. There is a different world that exists in these oceans. These are interesting to know and explore. Apart from [...]

Can you Swim in the Dead Sea?

Earth has many mysteries and we all know that. We will discuss about one such mysteries today in this article of ours. Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea sounds a little scary doesn’t it? Well don’t worry it is nothing to be scared [...]

Bilge Water Production on Ships

Bilge is the term used for water and oil that accumulate in the part of marine vessels called the bilge, due to leakage or carelessness. The bilge is the lower bottom of the ship that forms a wedge shape. This shape attracts liquids which accumulate [...]