Maritime Law Information

This section deals with maritime law information and the various facets of marine regulations as applicable to ships, shipping companies and so on. We know that regulations are necessary for any activity if control and welfare of the personnel [...]
Seaman Book

Seaman Book: What Is A Marine CDC?

Today we are going to touch upon a very simple topic which is quite confusing for beginners, namely that of a seaman book or a marine CDC. Do you know what is a CDC and why is it required in marine jobs? What Is the Seaman Book? A seaman book [...]

Personal Survival Techniques

There are many courses that a mariner must take. We are now going to discuss one such course that is considered of utmost importance for a sea farer. Personal Survival Techniques (PST) is a course under STCW (The International Convention on [...]
Filipino Seafarers

Filipino Seafarers

Filipino seafarers are the seafarers from the beautiful country of Philippines. They can be anything from seafarers to sailors to even seamen. This is a general term that they use for all. In this article about Filipino seafarers we will discuss [...]

STCW – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

First drafted in 1978 the STCW (standards of training, certification and watch keeping did not make many changes, and had little impact on the mariners around the world. Making it a regulation that a captain or master needed a minimum of 4 years [...]