How To Overcome Fatigue On Ships?

In this article we will learn about fatigue management and how to overcome fatigue on ships and related marine sector jobs. As we know, literally every profession that is being practiced today comes with an inherent set of problems, shortcomings [...]
Ship Gangway

What Is A Ship Gangway?

In marine knowledge our aim is to ensure that the reader knows almost all the aspects about sea and mariners. We will now discuss about one such aspect it is called the gangway. I am sure that you must have seen it a number of times but you [...]

Shipping Ports: A Qualitative Overview

Ports as we all know are nothing but a parking zone for the ships. They ensure that the ships are safe and get all the technical support that is needed to get the ships back on form. This is exactly why they become so important both commercially [...]

Managing Severe Injury And Medical Ailments Aboard Ship

Ships are vessels of the sea. If one falls sick or gets injured in a ship then the situation can become quite critical as there are no hospitals in a ship and the nearest one would be miles away. In the olden days if someone fell sick while [...]

Ancient Sailing Ships

Ships are vessels that carry loads of cargo and people from one part of the world to the other. They have been sailing across the world for years for various purposes from thousands of years. They were used all over the world by all the nations. [...]

Top 10 Container Companies

We are in this article going to discuss the top 10 container companies in the world. Before we move on to discuss the top 10 container companies let us first understand what containers are and what are they used for. Containers are an indispensable [...]

World’s Largest Wooden Ships

  Ships we all have seen then since childhood. Many of us must have had one in the toys that we have played with while growing up. Well ships play a vital role in world trade and also in international relationships. All countries do have [...]

Spanish Armada Ships

Sea has always been the means for trade for generations. The mightiest rulers always ensured that the seas are in their control. However, this could only be possible if the countries had strong ships that could not be defeated by any army. A [...]

Ship Fires at Sea

Ships are vessels that are an integral part of world trade. Without them world trade would be impossible. They carry goods that cannot be shifted by air. Cargo ships are primarily used to transport goods. With time even passenger ships have [...]

Offloading Oil from Tankers – Procedure Explained

Offloading oil from tankers may sound like a easy procedure since many people presume the crude oil to be viscose and easy to pump out like purring coke in to a glass but this is not the case and can be best compared to removing cold vegetable [...]