Incredible true stories of a sailor’s wife

In one of our previous article we have been discussing about the sacrifices that a sailor’s wife makes in order to ensure that her husband can do his duty as a sailor. We have tried to understand the ups and downs in the life of a sailor’s [...]

How To Prevent Sea Sickness?

Sea sickness is a very common phenomenon on ships that anyone can face. The concept is quite similar to motion sickness that many people suffer from when they travel by road. We will tell you all about sea sickness and how to prevent sea sickness. It [...]

The Haptics Of Engine Room Watchkeeping

Engine Room Watch-keeping Duties: Temperatures & the Sense of Touch is a very vital concept in shipping. It is a very important duty that helps the engineers in taking vital decisions about the ship. What it basically says it that relying [...]
Duties After Pilot Departure

Duties After Pilot Departure

There are many technicalities that are involved in running a ship. We will tell you about the duties after pilot departure today. When the ship is out of the port the marine engineers have a lot of tasks to be done as the pilots are gone. The [...]

Ship Watchkeeping Engineer Duties: Auxiliary Machinery

Ship watch keeping is an important job that we all know. If the job is not done well then it can lead to many problems and issues. We will now discuss about Ship Watchkeeping Engineer Duties Regarding Auxiliary Equipment. Well a ship watch keeper [...]
Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures

Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures

Ship Flooding Emergency Procedures is a very important part of a ships emergency literature. It is available at all areas of the ship from the deck to the engine room, it is there everywhere. This is to ensure that all the crew members in the [...]

Maritime Accidents: Is Complacency A Culprit?

Safety on the ship has always been a very important area of concern for the shipping companies. The statistical data prove that a lot of maritime accidents happen due to human error. We will now in this article discuss the role of complacency [...]

Managing Severe Injury And Medical Ailments Aboard Ship

Ships are vessels of the sea. If one falls sick or gets injured in a ship then the situation can become quite critical as there are no hospitals in a ship and the nearest one would be miles away. In the olden days if someone fell sick while [...]

Ancient Sailing Ships

Ships are vessels that carry loads of cargo and people from one part of the world to the other. They have been sailing across the world for years for various purposes from thousands of years. They were used all over the world by all the nations. [...]
Worst Marine Disaster

Greatest Marine Disaster

Marine disaster or catastrophe as the name itself suggests is a situation when a ship is lost in the sea as a result there is a complete loss of the ship and the also a huge loss of life. We will now discuss about the greatest marine disaster [...]