Ship Fitter Job Description

What Does A Fitter Do On Ships?

Let us find out a ship fitter’s job description and discuss what does a fitter do on ships. We hope this will help you to understand the role of the fitter and appreciate the activity. The job of a fitter is a crucial one. It is more of [...]
Cruise Ship Yoga Retreats

Cruise Ship Yoga Retreats

There are various types of cruises that you can enjoy depending on your preferences. Cruise ship yoga retreats are becoming a great option to holiday and relax. So this post will definitely be informative if you are a yoga lover. Cruise Ship [...]
Great Sea Careers

10 Ways To A Great Career At Sea

Many people want to make a career at sea. The maritime career is well paying and challenging. We will now discuss 10 ways to make great careers at sea. So let us find out what are these 10 ways. Before going further let me tell you that basically [...]
Marine Jobs

Do I Have To Pay For A Marine Job?

There days the shipping world is also facing a sort of recession in tune with the global phenomenon and jobs are a bit scarce compared to the number of applicants. This is more true of freshers, juniors and lesser experienced people, than for [...]
Marine Job Sites

5 Good Seafarer Job Sites

The seafarer jobs are highly in demand as many people across the world want to make a career in the merchant navy. We also have an article comparing land vs sea jobs, if you would like to read it. If you are also looking for a good job in the [...]

Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs

Every job comes with a list of advantage and disadvantage. We will now discuss about the pros and cons of a merchant navy job. The discussion is basically about Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs. A merchant navy officer has many challenges that make [...]

Maritime Job Opportunities Explored

When the general job market is having a slump there could be maritime job opportunities awaiting for you. In other areas, there are very few jobs that are available in the market for the fresher. Due to cost cutting more and more companies are [...]