Managing Severe Injury And Medical Ailments Aboard Ship

Ships are vessels of the sea. If one falls sick or gets injured in a ship then the situation can become quite critical as there are no hospitals in a ship and the nearest one would be miles away. In the olden days if someone fell sick while [...]

Why Should we Celebrate Seafarer’s Day?

Seafarers or sailors are people who travel from one country to another shipping goods and other material. They are called mariners, navy officers, sailors, etc. The job is very challenging and equally important for the trade and the commerce [...]
IMO Secretary-General

Role of IMO in Sea Trade and Welfare of Seafarers

IMO stands for International Maritime Organization. It is a body that helps to protect and safeguard the navy officers and others who work on high seas. Ships were originally used for trading. Even today not much has changed almost ninety percept [...]
Seafarer's Day

Seafarer’s Day Special: Importance of Seafarers in the World

Seafarers are individuals who spend a lot of time on sea transporting cargo’s and goods of other commercial and personal purpose to different parts of the world. They help a lot in the international business as about ninety per cent [...]