How To Prevent Sea Sickness?

Sea sickness is a very common phenomenon on ships that anyone can face. The concept is quite similar to motion sickness that many people suffer from when they travel by road. We will tell you all about sea sickness and how to prevent sea sickness. It [...]
Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

The weather condition of the earth is changing fast. There are lot of green house effect that is increasing the temperature of earth every day. This also leads to the melting of the ice poles. We are facing a lot of concerns. The first step [...]
Magnetic Anomaly in the Gulf of Aden - Real or Not

Gulf Of Aden: The Magnetic Anomaly

There are many mysteries that exist on earth. Today we are going to discuss one such mystery that is the magnetic anomaly in the Gulf of Aden. It can be explained by science as to how it happened and why the properties are so different. Some [...]

Islands and Ports of Oceania

We will in this article discuss about islands and ports of Oceania. It is famous for tourism, sports and natural beauty. The economy of Oceania is not developed in a uniform manner. It has about twenty five dependencies and fourteen countries. [...]

Managing Severe Injury And Medical Ailments Aboard Ship

Ships are vessels of the sea. If one falls sick or gets injured in a ship then the situation can become quite critical as there are no hospitals in a ship and the nearest one would be miles away. In the olden days if someone fell sick while [...]

What Is A Deep Ocean Trench?

The deep ocean trench is generally three to four kilometers deep. The deepest ocean trench is the challenger deep of the marina trench. It is about thirty five thousand feet below the sea level. The depth of an ocean trench can depend on [...]

Ship Fires at Sea

Ships are vessels that are an integral part of world trade. Without them world trade would be impossible. They carry goods that cannot be shifted by air. Cargo ships are primarily used to transport goods. With time even passenger ships have [...]

Can you Swim in the Dead Sea?

Earth has many mysteries and we all know that. We will discuss about one such mysteries today in this article of ours. Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea sounds a little scary doesn’t it? Well don’t worry it is nothing to be scared [...]

What Did Sailors Eat?

Great advances have not only been made on the engineering front but have also been made towards sanitation and nutrition. It has been asked by many people what did sailors eat. Pioneer sailors have limited sized vessels that could carry only [...]

Why We Don’t Hear Enough About Seafarers?

These are people who spend weeks or months at a time out in the open ocean, with none other than the crew they sail with being the main reason we don’t hear about seafarers. This is also a form of isolation that they experience and need to [...]