Marine Knowledge Remembers Sailors of M.T. Sanchi (6 January 2018)

Marine accidents do not occur as frequently as road accidents but when they do, it is not easy to contain them or save lives due to factors like deep oceans and long distances involved. One such unfortunate incident occurred recently on Jan [...]
Sailors Women and Wine

Sailors, Women & Wine: Myths vs Facts

The sailors are often associated with women and wine. It is believed that the lives of sailors revolve around these elements. This is exactly why many women even today don’t want to marry a mariner. They have the fear that the long distance [...]

Should Sailors be getting Shorter Contracts?

The job of a sailor is to take good loaded in a ship and move it from one country to another. This is a simple definition. There are more to it on lines that the job they do make a huge difference to the economy of the country that they are [...]

STCW – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

First drafted in 1978 the STCW (standards of training, certification and watch keeping did not make many changes, and had little impact on the mariners around the world. Making it a regulation that a captain or master needed a minimum of 4 years [...]

Submarine Sailors

Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, submarine sailors face many challenges during service. Many people consider being in marine service being a challenging job but this job beats most of them. Cooped under water for [...]

Sea Farers Day

To appreciate the contributions made by the sea farer’s towards international marine trade, the IMO members agreed to designate a day “Day of the Sea farer’s” that will be marked annually on 25 June. This date was dedicated [...]

Sailors: The People Out At Sea

Sailors, Mariners, or Seamen are people that navigate or assist in navigation and operations on board water borne vessels. The term sailor could mean professional mariner military personnel or recreational sailing. The name is derived from the [...]