Ancient Sailing Ships

Ships are vessels that carry loads of cargo and people from one part of the world to the other. They have been sailing across the world for years for various purposes from thousands of years. They were used all over the world by all the nations. [...]

World’s Largest Wooden Ships

  Ships we all have seen then since childhood. Many of us must have had one in the toys that we have played with while growing up. Well ships play a vital role in world trade and also in international relationships. All countries do have [...]

What Do You Do After You Quit Sailing Or Retire?

Well it’s a little ironic. Most of us plan to sail to distant countries once we retire and see the whole world, explore exotic locations, etc. However, for a sailor I t is quite different. They retire from sailing and have seen the whole world [...]

Submarine Sailors

Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, submarine sailors face many challenges during service. Many people consider being in marine service being a challenging job but this job beats most of them. Cooped under water for [...]

What is a Cargo Plan?

There is no dispute about the fact that marine vessels were primarily developed to be able to transport people and cargo in bulk. Leaving aside a few types of vessels all vessels moving towards the sea are laden with cargo. It is important for [...]