pollution in the oceans

Pollution In The Oceans

Pollution is one of the most important topics that we are discussing in all international forums all across the globe. The harm that man has done to the planet is perhaps irreversible. The pollution is presence of any non-bio degradable substance [...]

Offloading Oil from Tankers – Procedure Explained

Offloading oil from tankers may sound like a easy procedure since many people presume the crude oil to be viscose and easy to pump out like purring coke in to a glass but this is not the case and can be best compared to removing cold vegetable [...]

Organic Micro Pollutants In Marine And Increased Plastic Litter

Gradual accumulation of organic micro pollutants in the oceans has been posing threat to the marine ecological system. The rising levels of organic micro pollutants in the oceans are attributed to the excessive use of plastics; plastics being [...]