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Electrical Officer, Chief Engineer, Master and Chief Officer

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Life on Ship

Life On A Ship: The Inside Story

For most people outside the maritime world, there are two opposite views about life on a ship for mariners and seamen. Some believe that the life is ultra luxurious with loads of money and global travelling, while the other school of thought [...]
First Female Captain India

First Female Captain Of India

Women are not very easily seen in the merchant navy. However, over the last few years the trend has changed. Many women are now taking up jobs in navy. Today there are about fifty women working in the Indian merchant navy itself. There are [...]

Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs

Every job comes with a list of advantage and disadvantage. We will now discuss about the pros and cons of a merchant navy job. The discussion is basically about Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs. A merchant navy officer has many challenges that make [...]

Marine Superintendent Salary

Marine superintendent as the name itself suggests it is a big role that one plays in the ships. It involves a lot of responsibility. We will now discuss about the role in more details and the salary that is generally given out to a marine superintendent. [...]