Crankcase Explosion On Ships

The very mention of the world crankcase explosion, specifically in context of the huge marine propulsion engines, brings to our minds a scenario which is not much different from the scenario associated with 9/11 and there is a reason for that. [...]
Abandon Ship Situation

Abandon Ship: The Extreme Marine Emergency

Abandon ship is a command which no master mariner wishes to give and no crew member of passenger wishes to hear in normal routine sailing, but it is a fact that many times this could be a necessity and the only hope for survival at sea. There [...]
Mayday Distress Signal

Mayday Distress Signal

The title of mayday distress signal might seem confusing to many of you since generally speaking, we all know that Mayday is the Labour Day and it is celebrated all across the world on first day of May month each year. Yet in terms of marine [...]

Ship Lifeboats: Marine Safety Equipment

Marine engineering and life of the seamen at the sea has taken some great twists and turns in the past. We are now going to discuss about the basic life saving gadgets that one uses when in sea. These are made compulsory by SOLAS (saving of [...]

Advanced STCW Courses

There are many courses and subjects that a mariner needs to know in order to make it big in their career. We will now discuss about one such course and it is called the advanced STCW. STCW stands for standards of training certification and [...]