How To Become Naval Architect

How To Become A Naval Architect?

We will in this article discuss how to become a Naval Architect. This is a profession that is coming up big-time all across the world. If you are planning to make a career as a Naval Architect then this article will be of great use to you.   Where [...]
Duties After Pilot Departure

Duties After Pilot Departure

There are many technicalities that are involved in running a ship. We will tell you about the duties after pilot departure today. When the ship is out of the port the marine engineers have a lot of tasks to be done as the pilots are gone. The [...]

Marine Engineer

Over 95% of export and import relies on sea and the demand of more advanced ships are in need in the 21st century making the marine engineer the focus of attention, towards developing new vessels, components and training personnel to work on [...]

Marine Certification and Education

Marine Certification There are various kinds of jobs for ship officers and crew, which require specialized marine certification and education. This is obvious since the job roles of sailors can be mainly be grouped into either marine engineers [...]