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The other sections of this website deal with specific information as related to diesel engines, auxiliary machineries, boats, marine law, employment and so forth. However there might be some things which do not fill well into any of the above mentioned areas. They will all be covered in this general section. At the same time it should also be kept in mind that most topics are not totally isolated so they might fall partially into any of the previously listed categories. Even otherwise it is not possible to segregate knowledge into distinct boundaries for most disciplines are interrelated and interconnected.

To give you a general idea about the types of topics that might be covered here include some mysteries and common superstitions related to the high seas such as the Bermuda triangle, the lochness monster and so forth.

You might also find other useful articles related to the concepts such as the Dead Sea facts or what are the effects of drinking sea water during emergency situations or the dangers of rip currents while swimming at sea or perhaps the famous Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

The latest additions to this page are why is the ocean blue in colour. Also learn about the ways to overcome fatigue on ships.

As the website keeps growing we tend to add lot more interesting and useful information not only for mariners or sailors but for the general public as well, as though this website is dedicated to learning mainly about marine engineering knowledge, there is ample room for anyone with an interest in any area directly or indirectly related to seas, oceans and so on.

Say for example even swimming at beach side is an experience which is indirectly related to seas, without any concern with marine engineering. Yet if you are even a casual swimmer at the sea beaches, without any interest in marine area, you would surely like to learn how rip currents work, because it is directly related to safety of your life and perhaps your kids and family.

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