How To Become A Naval Architect?

We will in this article discuss how to become a Naval Architect. This is a profession that is coming up big-time all across the world. If you are planning to make a career as a Naval Architect then this article will be of great use to you.

How To Become Naval Architect

How To Become Naval Architect


Where To Study For Naval Architecture?

Previously there were relatively few academic institutes that provide professional courses on becoming a Naval Architect. However, thanks to the major change in the demand for this profession, a lot many institutes have come up with courses in the same. Currently a lot of marine colleges across the world have introduced courses on becoming a Naval Architect.

It would be difficult to pinpoint any specific colleges or universities which teach this subject globally as that would become a long list and would also depend on the prospective student as how his/her location, country of origin, budget etc to find out which is the best suited college. This is more of a personal decision and hence anyone interested in such a guidance can contact us with more details for a case specific analysis.

Qualities To Become A Good Naval Architect

Like any other profession in the world or anything else that you would like to do in life, one thing that counts most is the desire and will to succeed and that will automatically clear obstacles and create pathways. Yet there are some qualities which can be helpful as listed below.

To become a good and successful Naval Architect you must have a good aptitude for engineering and especially drawing. A Naval Architect is expected to study different subjects such as mathematics, physics, science, arts and also english. A Naval Architect needs to have certain knowledge of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering too.

IT & Computers


With the advent of IT and the use of computers in all professions, Naval Architect profession also has come to depend a lot on computers and software. This is one reason that the Naval Architect is required to know all the software related to the profession. You must be a science student all through in order to become a Naval Architect.

CAD or computer aided design is a vital part of the Naval Architect’s job. Many marine engineering colleges today provide professional courses on becoming a Naval Architect. Some also provide post graduate degrees. If a Naval Architect wants he or she can even specialize in the subject. Some countries hire Naval Architect’s based on these college degrees. Whereas there are countries that have a set of professional degrees that the Naval Architect must have in order to get a job. This is because the job of a Naval Architect is a specialized one.

Course vs Degree

Some countries don’t hire Naval Architect based on their engineering knowledge or degree. These nations have exams for the Naval Architect. If a student clears these exams he or she is trained and hired as a Naval Architect. This is a good opportunity to those who have the aptitude for the field but they don’t have a professional degree.

A Naval Architect basically must be intelligent and should have the ability to grasp the subject well. Only working on the subject regularly can actually improve the skills of the Naval Architect.

As a Naval Architect you must be imaginative. You should have to ability to think out of the box and demonstrate creativity in the job. A Naval Architect must be a professional and a team player. Plus you have to be a hardworking person and ready to face challenges. If you have these basic abilities then you must definitely try this career. There is lot of job opportunities across the world for talented Naval Architects. The job will always be in demand as  new buildings are carried out constantly across the globe.

Training & Selection

Proper interviews are taken before a Naval Architect is hired by a shipping company. Some shipping companies will have on the job training for the Naval Architect. This is because the most learning can happen only when a person gets the practical feel of the job. These shipping companies have these trainings certified by the shipping authorities of the country. The companies have senior engineers who train the batches of the new Naval Architects before they join the full time job. This is an effective training module and has proved quite successful. The Naval Architects are trained on design, management and engineering practices.

Role in Shipbuilding

The role of a Naval Architect is critical to the entire process of the ship building. They play a vital role in the pre-production as well as the production stage. The job of Naval Architect is a skilled one. This is exactly why the Naval Architects are generally well paid. Indeed the job of a Naval Architect is a challenging one and pays well too. Many people across the world have made a profession and career out of this field. We will recommend this as one of the best jobs in the shipping industry. If you are good with the job only sky is the limit for you.

Before you join the course to become a Naval Architect find out about the authenticity of the course. Also check if it is accepted by the shipping authority of the country. You must know the best way to become a Naval Architect in your country. Every nation has different criteria for a Naval Architect. This is exactly why you must know the requirement of your country. The profession is picking up very fast and soon there will be a huge need in the future.

If you don’t do these basic checks then you may land in a course that will not lead you anywhere. We hope that you found this article on how to become a Naval Architect informative. This should give you a good idea on how you can go about becoming a Naval Architect.

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