How To Prevent Sea Sickness?

How To Prevent Sea Sickness

Preventing Sea Sickness

Sea sickness is a very common phenomenon on ships that anyone can face. The concept is quite similar to motion sickness that many people suffer from when they travel by road. We will tell you all about sea sickness and how to prevent sea sickness.

It is a good to know topic if you are planning a cruise. Even if you are not you must know about it so that you can deal with it when you are travelling by sea. It is not that all will suffer from sea sickness. It depends from person to person.

Another advantage is that when you are travelling and someone else is facing this problem then you can help them to deal with the situation better if you know how to prevent sea sickness.

This happens when the body of the person, the eyes and the inner ear all send different signals to the brain as a result there is confusion in the body. The common symptom is of headache, dizziness, vomiting, etc. The symptoms can be different for different people what you must keep in mind is that any uneasiness in the body while at the sea can be a symptom of severe sea sickness.

Due to this some people can be bed ridden too. Some might fail to walk steadily and fall off easily. This can be very dangerous both for the person himself as well as for others on the ship.

Well if you know that you have sea sickness then don’t worry it does not mean that you cannot take a cruise. You definitely can all that you have to do is consult a doctor. He or she will prescribe you a medicine that is suitable for your body. You must take the drug before you step onto a ship. Bonnie and Benadryl are common medicines that are recommended in sea sickness.

However, please consult a doctor and only take prescribed drugs. If you have boarded the ship for the first time and you are facing some uneasiness you must not ignore it as it might be an indication that you have sea sickness. It is not true that only physically and mentally weak will suffer from this problem it can happen to all.

When on board and having a weird sensations please inform the medical team in the ship so that they can help you. This will help you to enjoy a better cruise and prevent sea sickness. This will avoid this problem from aggravating. You can also use patches that will slowly release a drug called scopolamine into your body and prevent sea sickness. This must be done at least eight hours before the journey starts.

If due to medical concerns you are not advised to take the drugs that we have mentioned above you can definitely take to wrist bands. These are tied to the wrist and anyone irrespective of age and health concerns can buy them. Even children can use these. These bands ensure that the effects of sea sickness are minimised.

Many people don’t realise that they are getting affected by sea sickness. Especially children and those who are travelling first time will not understand the symptoms easily. The best indicator is that you will feel tired and sleepy even if you have just got up. The children will be cranky and not active. You will realise it best when you try to read when on the ship.

You will not be able to follow the prints and you will perhaps get confused with words. This is the time when you should take the preventive measures and contact the medical team on board. Any delay on your part can aggravate the situation and you might as well feel dizzy and start vomiting.

Once the sea sickness has reached the last stages very little can be done and your cruise will be spoilt. Now that you know all about sea sickness and how to prevent sea sickness you should perhaps not let this happen. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

You should be prepared for the worse than being sorry later. Ensure that you have the measures that we have mentioned above in place before you go on a cruise. When you have spent a bomb on booking a cruise you cannot let it be disaster. All the best with your cruise vacation!

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